Medios is a professional photo editing company that specializes in wedding photo retouching services. If you are looking for wedding photo editing services, then we are your trusted partner.

We perform customized editing for the clients to enhance the quality of wedding photographs as it helps to cherish the memories of auspicious occasions lifelong. We will work closely to know your needs and implement them to create output that matches your expectations and style.

 Our Wedding Photo Editing Services Include:

  1. Personal approach as per your wedding photo editing needs and requirements.
  2. Image culling at high speed.
  3. Quick help in high wedding season period.
  4. Making a high-quality and modern look.
  5. Elaborate color change and touch up naturally.

Services Offered by Medios 

1. Groom and Bride Retouching 

The bride and groom portraits are the centerpieces of the wedding, and the client expects that their wedding photos should be magical and beautiful. We make sure that our clients get outsource wedding photo editing services just as they want.

2. Enhancing Background

A guarantee for perfect shooting conditions is not possible. Someone might photobomb the frame, but we are here to assist. We can save the images and make them better by editing and retouching the background.

3. Body and Face Retouching 

A high-resolution camera produces clear and crisp wedding images. These photographs also capture crack makeup, wrinkled suits, and sweat streaks. You can call us to correct all these flaws.

We provide services in New York and for any queries you can call us on +1-917-720-5208 or email us on

Why Choose Us?

We are here to edit any image that you have irrespective of its size. Our team of professionals is one call away to assist you with wedding photography editing services.

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Wedding photo retouching services in New York
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