Image Extraction


Image extraction is all about extracting the image of a person or any object and placing it in the different background to make it more beautiful. Such technique is common in today's world and is loved by people as it gives the desired glamorous look to the photos. Our image processing technique takes the clients' raw images, extracts them, and puts them in different backgrounds to fit in a new frame. Real estate companies or other firms often offer these image color correction services to grab their customers' attention through catchy images.


Color Correction

Color correction is all about fixing the color issues present in any image. It gives a deeper dimension to the images, playing with the photos’ mood and tone. Colors tell your brand's story, so allow us to become a part of your success journey by telling a visual story to your clients.


We add depth, drama and clarity to the images with our excellent photo color correction services. You may want to adjust your images' brightness, filters, white balance, and saturation to give a refreshing look. We are here to give life to your raw images. Increase the photo quality and convert your images to great from the good and finally to outstanding.


Our real estate services are available in Kansas City, MO-KS. Call us on +1-917-720-5208 or send an email at


Why Us?

Medios has served banner design services online to clients from various verticals. We have grown with the technology, and today we have a leading digital lab that can do any color and image corrections with perfection.

image color correction services
image color correction service
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