Are you interested in a pitch-perfect retouch of your image? Medios has years of experience in this and can retouch all your product images, fashion photos, real estate pictures, etc. Our background removal technique can remove even the tricky backgrounds. Our professional photo editing services can edit a single photo or a portfolio of several images, as our team of editors is capable of handling bulk work without any fuss.


Our photo enhancement services include:


White background: Do you want to sell your products on ebay, amazon, or any other e-commerce website? If yes, you have to follow certain protocols for your images. Our professionals are well-aware of all regulations of such websites and can edit the photos accordingly. In such cases, adding a simple white background can make your product stand out.


Transparent Background: Is your product simple yet present in a complex format? Such images require specialized formatting for e-commerce websites. Giving a transparent background to such images can make them suitable for any backdrop of an e-commerce website.


Cast shadow: Such editing is done to give a real touch to the images. A cast shadow is the elongated shadow created when light hits the object. Such images can be useful in product photography or catalog creation.


Color Background: A solid patterned color background can give a perfect look to any image. Our professional photo retouching services online can pick the color background according to your requirement to give a fresh look.


We provide services in Boston-Cambridge-Nashua, MA-NH, and for any queries, you can call us at +1-917-720-5208 or email us at


Why Us?

We have a huge team of retouching, which can also provide furniture & newborn photo editing services and jewelry, portrait & product photo retouching services.

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