Photos or banners help any business convey the message correctly to its audience. However, sometimes you may not get the photographs as expected and would like to do some editing to meet your expectations. Such low-quality photographs can be anything like weather conditions, incorrect camera handling, distortion, lighting, etc. An adequately edited image can convey the right message to the audience and can evoke the desired response you are expecting from your customers.

Medios has earned name and fame because of its leading photo color correction services. We help customers adjust the color, brightness, shadow, and tone of the images, making them look unique and creative. Our extraordinary ideas aim to make our customers succeed in their sales and marketing.

Our image color correction services include:

HDR blending and editing services: 

We ensure to blend the colors perfectly through such a technique to give a natural and realistic look to your images.

Ghosting Correction: 

This correction process gives a sharp and pleasant look to even blurry and poor-quality photos. In addition, we remove the ghost factor from images, which is a common problem in pictures.

Sharpness and Contrast Correction:

We not only give the natural charm to your images but also adjust their sharpness to match with the image background.

We provide services in San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX, and for any queries, you can call us on +1-917-720-5208 or email us at

Why Us?

We provide banner design services online to photographers and other customers. We have worked with many global customers to boost up their brand value. In the beginning, we take the complete understanding of clients’ business and let them know how our service can add value to their company.

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